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Welcome to Wefing’s Marine

If you are looking for our listings, you are in the right place.

We are currently re-vamping the Wefing’s Marine online presence. We will keep our main site up and our listings on Yachtworld current during these operations but this listing site and the new main site will be under construction for a little while.

The boats listed here are in stock at Wefing’s Marine, with just a couple of exceptions. We are authorized dealers for some boat lines that are much better custom ordered by the end user than stocked by a dealer with generic choices of features. Also, we do try to remove a listing as soon as the boat has sold but sometimes there may be a short delay before we get it done so please, make a phone call before you drive any considerable distance to look at a specific boat solely on the basis of a listing. For stock boats, there are lots of photos and plenty of detailed information about the boats we have available as well as information about the boat line and company in general.

If you just want to look at photos of our different boat lines with examples of each boat, we have lots of albums and slide-shows on our main site under the menu heading “Our Boat Lines” and will be updating and adding to those regularly.

To see the listings, you can scroll down this page or use the menu in the right column. You have a few options on how to view them but all of them are below here on this page as well.

If you have any questions about any of the listed boats, please direct them to Marc Grove by email anytime or by phone at 850 670 8100 during business hours.


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