Twin Vee

Twin Vee has long been a favorite of Wefing’s Marine and we are the oldest active Twin Vee dealership in the state. We can help you with ordering a custom unit from Twin Vee, provide the power option of your choice (we are dealers for Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda Motors) and get your boat custom rigged to your specifications. We are a full service dealership and will stand by you and your boat after the sale, long after the check has cleared. Wherever you buy a boat and motor, it will need regular maintenance and building a relationship with a full service dealer right from the sale, particularly when the price is the same as buying from a seller with no service facility, only makes sense.

The following boats are in stock right now. We can also order any model Twin Vee has and will charge you the same or less than “Factory Direct Pricing” would cost you.

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